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Jan 9, 2012

Semi-independent and my studio unit design

I talked to my mom about my wanting to move to an apartment. She have issued about security and my grandmom and aunts' possible suspecting that my moving to an apartment is so that I can spend time with my boyfriend. It honestly did not even occur in my mind. So anyway, she said that it's a move that she cannot agree with.

On the other side, she made a decision of having to put a studio unit outside our house but within the premises of our lot. I have issues with my aunt regarding division of chores and having her use me as a shock absorber of her frustrations. Me and my mom thinks it's not healthy for me, specially since I am still starting in life, and really, at this point, all I need is positivity...and being around her creates pessimism.

So the studio unit is already a decision, but it still depends if my grandmom agrees with it. I hope she will because I really don't want to spend the rest of my 2012 being in this house. It's not as worst as you think it is; I just need to stay away. Besides, I won't have to cause hassle to them whenever I arrive or go out the house late night after or before my duty. But my mom gave me conditions - about the studio unit. Of course I have to pay for my own electric and water bills, and also for my food. But since I am near our house, I still have to sleep on my grandmom's house if I have to. I will still be attached to them but at the same time live independently. That's what I call semi-dependent. Weird, ei? But that's the win-win thing I could get right now. It will not be just for me, it will also be for my aunt and grandmom - we all have our lessons to learn.

So anyway, I'm kinda excited about the building of the studio unit. I already searched for designs which will utilize some of the existing materials we have. I'm planning of a kitchen counter for dining, studying, etc... I told my mom I want the studio unit as black and white only...I want the doors with grills and the windows too. The windows should have screen to prevent mosquitos or insects from going inside my room.

I will be using a platform and a mattress for my bed. Cabinets will play a very important role since I want minimum things to be barely displayed - I want everything to be kept in the cabinets or closets so have that clutter-free effect.

Here are some pictures that inspired my idea...

So this is my drawing


  1. I felt excited for you about designing your won space. Being independent has it's pros and cons but you will learn a lot. I am excited about the final look of your comfy space. I wish your grandmom would agree with the idea.

    I hope you could patch things up with your aunt. but if not, stay away from negative vibes.

    Good luck on being independent.

    1. thanks.. i really am excited... i think it's nice to have your own place to stay...

      i agree about staying away from negative vibes.. :)


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