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Jan 12, 2012

Getting Married. LOL!!!

I'm starting to feel "old" since I have numerous friends from college and high school who are married or are getting married, or starting their own families. I still feel  young (like a high school) yet my friends (or people my age) are starting to have their own. Am I being left behind? LOL!

I feel like I want to get married soon too!

But nooooooo!! I have plans that are not yet fulfilled, and syempre one of those is to go abroad and work. 

Am I feeling the pressure or inggetera lang talaga ako? Hahahhaa!

Anyway, seeing my friends get married makes me want to think of my own future wedding. Ano nga ba?

I want a simple but elegant civil wedding here in the Philippines. Me and my hubsy will invite all our close friends, colleagues at work, relatives, important people, etc. I want the civil wedding and the reception in a hotel or convention area (basta indoors and full aircondition). The place will be decorated with shiny and shimmery stuffs. Food will be very very yummy, with all the sweets that I love (syempre chocolate stuffs). There will be a bosa band that will perform while people are eating. Our pictures will be displayed all around through a slideshow via projector.

And then once me and hubsy will have a baby (when he/she's already a toddler), we will have our church wedding in a small but beautiful chapel in Sicily or Spain, or any of those nostalgic places in Europe. I will wear a beautiful white wedding gown, hubsy will wear a white suit, and our baby girl/boy will wear a cute white attire. Our baby will be our flower girl or ring bearer. Invited are our parents and his siblings (since I don't have). We will have a simple but elegant reception (just us). We will ask everyone to make a toast for us. After the wedding and reception, they can go back to the Philippines with our baby, and leave us in Europe for our second honeymoon...

LOL!!! I'm dreaming now! hahahaha!!

But seriously, I'm not yet ready for that. I still have some plans for myself, and I want to accomplish those before I fully devote myself to my future husband - so that I will not have regrets in the future. Regrets are one of the reasons why some marriage fails.

BTW, kaloka mga pinagsasabi ko dito! hahaha!


  1. Same tayo! :) Most of my batchmates and friends are all getting married/married na! How old are you, by the way? I'm also dreaming of getting married someday but just like you've said, madami din akong goals and dreams na gustong ma-accomplish muna. :)

    1. thanks for the comment!

      i'm still 23, turning 24 this year... it's early for me to get married, i know... LOL. I was just fantasizing as i was writting this blog.. LOL...

      btw, you can check out and follow my other blog: -> it's less korny than this one.. LOL..

      i checked out your blog... nice entries.. i'm following now...


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