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Jan 18, 2012

Young Nurses

We had our monthly NSO (Nursing Service Office) meeting last night, I did not finish the whole meeting since I had to go home early because my lola was all alone with my cousin at home. So anyway, our chief nurse (who is also my far-relative) discussed about changes. She said that the new nurses, or the young nurses are idealistic and very ambitious. I had a time to reflect on what she said and I ended up agreeing with what she said. I think I, as a nurse, is quite ideal.

Speaking of ideal, I sent her a message on facebook and told her that employees in the hospital (specifically nurses) are having hard time about the hospital's demand from us to do the ideal service, because the resources the hospital gives us is not ideal. I told her some of my ideas, or those things that needs to be changed or improved in our CCU (I am a CCU nurse). She told me to send my concern to my supervisor so they can discuss about it. Our supervisor gave our head nurse a task to make an action plan for our problems in the CCU. Good thing it happened when I was on duty together with our head nurse. I told her my concerns and she accepted it, and we both made an action plan. I just hope our concerns will be considered.

So back to being ideal, I have this sort of "want" for our hospital to improve. I really really want our hospital to improve, to step up to a higher level. I am very much willing to participate on that. I started on our unit through beautification (I am kikay and that's the least I could contribute: my talent...LOL!). The days when we had no patient in the CCU, I spent my 8-hours duty cleaning, organizing and beautifying the station and everything else. I demanded the housekeeping to change our curtain, etc. I just hope my workmates will be able to maintain the order in our unit.

With regards to the ambitious thingie, yeah I agree with that because I, myself, is a self-proclaimed ambitious nurse. I don't settle for less. I want to keep elevating my position because it keeps me inspired. Whenever I aim for something, I really work hard for that. But the bad thing is when I have what I want, I tend to loose my game because I don't have anymore the inspiration that I used to have. By the way, I applied for a masteral course in the University of the Philippines. I applied for Master of Science in Nursing. I am quite excited since I will be starting on a new phase of my being a nurse. The results of the application is not yet out, but I think I will pass. I HOPE!! (Not passing will be a big embarrassment since I already announce it here on my blog. LOL!)

Aside from that, our chief nurse also said that young nurses are open to change compared to older ones. That's true! We, the young ones, are more open and flexible. When we see something better, we are not afraid to step out from our comfort zone and try on something different...anyway it's for the better! So last night (when I already went home), our chief nurse announce that we will try on a different type of charting for our nurse's notes documentation. We used to use the narrative charting, and now we will be using the FDAR method. I searched about it on google, and I think it's a good change. I am expecting it to be hard at first, since we are not used to it. Tomorrow, I will try on that FDAR charting method. I hope I can produce a good outcome.

Apart from young nurses being ambitious and idealistic, I 

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  1. Sometimes we have to be ambitious to bring changes to the world. And yours are for the betterment of the hospital. Excellent!


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