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Jan 7, 2012

Immaturity of being Dependent

Last night, I had a chat with my friend in college who is currently working as a nurse in California USA. He used to be my groupmate during our RLE days. It was all about kumustahan and I found out that he and his brother is living independently from their parents. Although they share in the expenses of their apartment, it's just the two of them and they are financially independent from their parents. I started asking him about being independent and he told me that the budgeting wasn't that hard; maybe because his salary is more than the financial demand of his lifestyle.

So the issue of independence came up again, and knowing that my classmate in college is now independent and I am still dependent made me kinda insecure. I know masarap ang buhay ng dependent since you're not that concern about stuffs like rent, food, budget, electrict, etc. But I'm already 23, turning 24 this year, and it's kinda shameful that I'm still not earning enough - enough to spend for my self. It's because the salary of a nurse in the Philippines is so small that I could not afford to live on my own.

It's not freedom I'm after, it's the experience of living on my own and developing a greater sense of responsibility. Errrr! I'm just frustrated now. The more I think of it, the more I'm convinced that I am not yet mature. I think I need to find other means of producing money so I can have the financial strength to stand on my own!

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