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Jan 6, 2012

New Years Resolution 2012

I haven't really made a new year's resolution.... So I'm thinking of making one now. Actually, I have one in mind...and that is to lose weight. I know that my weight had been like the graph you see on the global exchange rate! LOL!!! I did lose weight but I never maintained it. I guess because I always think that losing weight is a "temporary" things....why? because for me, dieting is a sacrifice = suffering!

I learned that losing weight is a matter of perspective and I didn't have the right perspective. This time, I want to lose weight and I want to maintain it. I read from the internet about the best diets for weight loss and the number one featured was the TLC diet which is about changing lifestyle. Its number one priority is to take care of one's cardiovascular system - then weight loss will follow.

This year I will lose weight and start to take care of my body - which includes exercising and eating right food - at right amount!

So pano ba? OMG eto na!

1. Sleep 6-8 hrs as much as possible
2. exercise ( i still need to find the perfect exercise for me but i am considering dancing since it's fun, and also be active on playing badminton kahit paonti-onti)
3. eat right ( i love food, maybe i just need to control the amount of my intake)
4. drink lemon 30cc per day (until supplies last kasi mahal bumili)
5. wag magbabad sa araw (i need to gain my complexion)

So basically, I just want to return to my old shape...not necessarily pumayat na sexy'ng-sexy because i;m not actually aspiring on becoming a model or artista or entering a beauty pageant. I just want to look good, maging magaan ang pakiramdam ko sa sarili ko, and just be happy.

But beyond the physical aspect, what matters is the inside. I have plenty to develop on my inner self, and I am trying to change one by one. Unang una is yung pagiging reklamador ko and masyadong expressive sa inis ko. I need to control my mouth and I started yesterday. LOL

So help me, God, I need guidance on this.


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