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Jan 27, 2012

I'm sorry, I love you...

Dear Minzy,

First of all I want to say sorry because there were times I neglected you - no, many times. I'm sorry you suffered, if you did. I'm sorry I did not show you much love when you were still alive, but believe me I do love you. You were my first pet, my first dog, the one who took away my dog phobia... I will never forget you. Second, I want to say I love you. I really really do. Wherever you are, please keep that in mind. I love you.

I'm hurting now that you're gone. I have many plans for us, but now I will have to carry on alone. I have regrets of my mishaps in our relationship. I wish I had more time to fill up those gap. I promise that I will do better on my next pet, next friend...I learned a lot from you.

I love you. Rest in peace...

Love lots,


  1. Oh.. he/she died? :( Nakakalungkot. Made me think of my dog, Fall. He also died.. as I was holding him, in my arms. But I'm sure he's in dog heaven now. Yun na lang iniisip ko.

    And Minzy's there, too.. for sure.

    1. i'm sure she is... she was a good girl..

  2. How sad, naalala ko yung dog ko namanatay because of Parvo. She's the sweetest and always barks when I'm home.


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